Frequent Asked Questions For Photo Booth Rentals

How Much Does It Cost?
Price is dependent upon various factors (date, location, length of the event, etc.) Receive an instant quote right here on our website, when you fill out our online quote form. Upon booking a photo booth, we only require a 50% deposit.

We pride ourselves on providing the most competitive photo booth pricing in all of Raleigh!

How does the photo booth work?
We utilize the most sophisticated photo booth technology with our modern state-of-the-art photo booths. Guests step inside the photo booth in which they our prompted by our system to choose between a Black & White or Full Color picture. Guests choose  between the two by simply touching the screen. The photo booth will then take a series of 4 photos. The photo strips will then print right out of the photo booth. Simple as that!


How many pictures can we take?
You can take an unlimited amount of pictures and get an unlimited amount of photo strips throughout the duration of your photo booth rental.
Do You Get Any Props? Does it cost more?
Every photo booth rental comes with a complimentary box of props to use for the photos! Props are what make the photos fun. There is no extra cost for the props. They are included in the initial rental price.
Can we customize the strip? How much does that cost?
Yes, we can customize the strip with your name (s), day of your event , logo’s or any additional information you would like to add. You can also choose the color of the font! This is all complimentary, there is no added fee for strip customization.
When Do You Setup and Break Down The Photo Booth?
We arrive 60 minutes before the specified rental start time to begin setup. We break the booth down, at the end of the the specified rental time.

Early Setup – Late Breakdown: For every additional hour early you would like the booth setup, but not operational it is just $25. For every additional hour you would like the booth left up, after your rental time, but not operational, it is just $25.

What Equipment Is Inside Of The Photo Booth?
Our Photo Booths use some of the most sophisticated equipment in the industry to ensure we provide very high quality images and prints.

Camera:¬†The cameras inside of our photo booths are all Cannon DSLR’s – Cannon T3i.

Printer: We use commercial grade dye sub printers with glossy card stock prints. – DNP RX1 & DNP DS40.

Lighting: Our booths come with an internal 1000 watt lighting system to ensure we take bright high quality images.

How many people can fit inside the photo booth?
Up to 10 people can fit inside at once!
How Much Space Do You Need?
Our photo booth takes up a 6′ X 10′ area.
Is there a setup or breakdown fee?
There are no extra setup or breakdown fees.
How far in advance should I book my photo booth
We tend to book up 2 – 3 months in advance for dates. We run 5 photo booths here at our company so we will most likely be able to accommodate you, but be sure to call early, as for some dates throughout the spring and summer we will be completely booked out for Weddings.
Are there travel fees?

It depends on location. Get an instant quote on our website today!