Old Photo BoothsJust as everything else in the world has evolved over time, so has the photo booth. The photo booth dates all the way back to 1888, where the concept was patented in Baltimore, Maryland. Throughout the years, the photo booth has seen regular updates that stay consistent with advancements technology. The cameras inside the booths have become better, along with the computers and printers. Other than that, photo booths have not changed much since their inception. That is, until recently…

Within the last 3 years, photo booth setups have changed dramatically. The original photo booths, were literally small booths that you would go inside, (two, maybe 3 people at most) andOpen concept Photo Booth have your picture taken. The recent major change that has taken place, is that the ‘booth’ part of photo booths are now gone and considered outdated. One of the main reasons for this, is that your limited to only 2 people in the pictures. The new “open concept” photo booths have a module in which the computer, camera and printer are all housed in. Guests stand in front of the module, with a backdrop positioned behind them and the photo booth will then take the pictures and print out two photo strips.  The new open concept booth allows for more people to fit in the pictures. Our booths can fit up to 10 people in the pictures! This is great for events such as weddings, or family reunions, as it allows many friends and family members all to get a picture together.


Another great part of the open concept photo booth, is the design of the photo booth module, which houses the camera, computer and printer. On the old photo booths, all the technology used to be crammed into a big black bulky box that was attached to the booth. Now, all of the technology is stored inside a beautifully designed, sleek module. Here at Raleigh Photo Booth Fun, our photo booth modules light up and change colors! Our new photo booth modules are so aesthetically pleasing, it is almost as if they were pieces of art! Although we have been bragging about how beautiful our photo booths are on the outside, they are just as beautiful on the inside. Equipped with the most sophisticated photography and printing technolGlow photo booth raleighogy, our booths create some the most stunning, high quality photos that a photo booth is capable of producing. This is important to us, as we want our clients to be able to remember their event through crystal clear images that they can cherish for a lifetime. 

Our new modern photo booths are really quite fun. But they wouldn’t be as fun without the props! Our props really help to make the pictures, special and unique… And really funny too!

As they say, “change is for the best.” The recent change in photo booths will not only look really, super, crazy cool, but it will provide for better photo booth experience overall. We hope you get to experience all of the fun a photo booth has to offer. Be sure to book one for your next event or on your special day!

We hope you enjoyed this article!


– Raleigh Dream Events